We offer all indoor testing services.


Express Air Testing Inc. has over twenty (20) years of experience servicing residential properties. We understand how difficult the situation may be, so we make sure our team in the office and field are personable, well trained, utilize state-of-the-art techniques and technology, and are certified in all areas as necessary. 

As your trusted environmental company, we provide Asbestos, Lead, Mold, Bacterial Matter, and Fire, Smoke, Soot. We offer same-day appointments with results within 24 hours of samples being submitted to an NVLAP laboratory. We are available Monday-Saturday.

What to expect during testing

Environmental testing in your home involves assessing your home for hazards. Certified professionals will collect air and/or bulk samples of suspect-affected areas. Samples are sent to labs for analysis, and results indicate pollutant levels and/or contaminants’ presence or lack thereof. Reports offer insights into potential health risks and recommendations for remediation if issues are found. Hiring experts ensures accurate testing, interpretation, and guidance for improving your home’s environment.